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Sellafield Site

In August 2014, Franks Portlock was awarded the contract to provide asbestos analytical services to Sellafield Ltd in a four year contract worth £2 million. The contract means we provide site wide support to Sellafield, its partners and suppliers for maintenance, site remediation and decommissioning.

This work involves:

  • Laboratory analysis
  • Air monitoring
  • Clearance certification
  • Handling, transport, storage and disposal of samples
  • Operation of asbestos laboratories on site, including the Radiological Controlled Area, Asbestos Laboratory and the Non-Radiological Asbestos Laboratory
  • Provision and management of testing results and data
  • Twenty-four hour emergency call out work

All of our work with Sellafield is in line with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and Ionising Radiation Regulations 1999.


Our approach to this contract has been flexible and multi-disciplined. We provide analytical and consultancy services to other frameworks including:

  • Multi Discipline Site Works
  • Access and Insulation
  • Strategic Alliance

We cover the various sites within Sellafield including Calder Hall and Windscale. Our work and support has been vital for the safe monitoring and control of asbestos management at Sellafield.

We work to provide ongoing support – safely managing the asbestos, products and materials of buildings while they are maintained or decommissioned. Some of our key projects are:

Calder Turbine Halls and Reactors
Windscale Active Gas-cooled Reactor
Magnox Reprocessing

We continue to provide ongoing support to Sellafield and have maintained a high safety record whilst there, with no LTA or RIDDOR events occurring since the beginning of our contract with the company.

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