Pepkor (Pep & Co.)

Franks Portlock worked with a wider team of consultants to deliver the first 50 UK Pep & Co. stores. We were responsible for reviewing asbestos management information within the premises identified.

Franks Portlock interrogated the existing management and refurbishment surveys available for the target stores and compared them to the proposed refitting works for Pep & Co.

We highlighted where the existing information was insufficient, so that it could be remedied either via the landlord or by visiting the site ourselves to conduct a full or partial survey.

Our work meant that any problems discovered could be remedied prior to occupancy therefore meaning that our client’s asbestos liability is minimal from the start of their tenancy.

It was rewarding to be involved at such an early stage in the development of the business.

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Bernard Interiors

During a recent review by our Health and Safety consultant, it was noted that a Legionella Risk Assessment was necessary for our studio. We contacted Franks Portlock who undertook a full review of the premises and provided us with a greater understanding of the UK regulations and requirements. Sean Green supplied us with a detailed Legionella risk assessment and offered pragmatic advice and guidance on the procedures required to remain compliant, the whole process was seamless from start to finish.. Sean attention to detail and dedication was faultless throughout the entire process and it was a pleasure to work with both him and the team.

The de Ferrers Trust

Six months ago, we instructed Sean and the team at Franks Portlock for their services in Water Hygiene and we have been blown away by the service he has provided us. We have a number of different schools on board with him that range from full water hygiene monthly management, to RA's and Annual services. When tendering we found that Frank's Portlocks cost were similar to what we were already paying, however the level of detail that the contract covers far outweighs any previous contract we've ever had. The Monthly meetings have made a massive difference in ensuring that faults and risk items are dealt with promptly and appropriately. As the person who oversees compliance across our trust, I no longer have to worry about the water hygiene compliance in our schools that use Franks Portlock.

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