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How much does an asbestos survey cost?


How much does an asbestos survey cost?

Asbestos surveys are one of the first steps in the asbestos management process and are therefore one of the most critical. When researching asbestos surveys or trying to find a contractor you may find it difficult to find an exact price, this is because many variables can impact the cost of your survey.

Most asbestos management surveys are costed based on the time they will take, so the average cost for a standard commercial asbestos survey can be anywhere between £400 and £800. However, because asbestos surveys are typically quoted on a job-by-job basis – and is dependent on the scale and time required – the costs can vary greatly.

We have included a guide on some of the many variables which can impact the cost of your asbestos survey.

The type of survey required

The type of survey you require will impact the asbestos survey cost. For example, pre-demolition and refurbishment surveys often require a more invasive inspection than management surveys, and therefore take more time to conduct.

 The property

The size of your property is one of the biggest factors which can impact the asbestos survey cost, but it’s worth mentioning that it is normally the number of individual rooms or distinct areas that can increase costs as each one needs to be inspected and recorded. So, for example, a large warehouse with a small admin and facilities block is likely to take far less time to survey than a care home which is a quarter of its size by external dimensions.

 It is also important to provide your contractor with any relevant information you have on your property as this can impact the time taken. For example, provide any blue prints or building plans you may have and detail any areas of the property which have previously undergone asbestos surveys.

In addition, the age of the property can be important to a contractor – the use of all types of asbestos was banned in 1999, therefore if areas of the property were refurbished or built after 2000 it is less likely to host asbestos containing materials.

The contractor

When researching companies to undertake your asbestos survey, you may find organisations that provide surveying services at what initially appears to be a low cost. However, before commissioning a company to undertake this work it is critical that you have confidence in the following: they have the technical knowledge and expertise to undertake the work, they are working to the suitable industry standards, they have/will put the necessary safeguards in place and that they have quality and safety practices in place.

Using a consultancy accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) should give you the confidence that they understand the above principles and necessary regulations. All such companies must have demonstrated that they have an effective quality system and internal processes, as well as technical competency for the type of survey and property type you require.

 The number of samples taken

Most surveys will be charged at a day rate in which as many samples as required will be taken, however in some instances a provider may charge per sample taken. It is important to understand how you will be charged for your survey, and to check if this will be per sample of if these are all inclusive, prior to commencing work.


Anything which can affect the time take an asbestos survey may take can impact the cost – one of the most common issues we come across which increases the duration of a survey is accessibility.

Prior to starting the asbestos survey, it is critical to consider any factors which may impact accessibility, such as:

  • Will the site be occupied? Due to the harmful nature of asbestos, an intrusive asbestos survey cannot be conducted with occupants in the immediate vicinity. If your property needs to remain occupied for part or all of the time for which the survey is scheduled, we may need to consider conducting the survey out of hours or staggering the survey.
  • Are there any security restrictions? It is critical that staff can access your site, have access to any keys or passcodes and are aware of any security measures which may impact access to the site.
  • Are any areas difficult to access physically? Prior to starting works, it is important to consider if there are any areas which may have restricted access for physical access such as heights, obstructions or hygiene issues. In addition, if there are any structures which may be unsafe it is important to let your contractor know prior to the survey so they can, where relevant, conduct a risk assessment or ensure they have the necessary equipment e.g. scaffolding.

You can read more on how to prepare for an asbestos survey here.

The best way to receive an accurate cost for an asbestos survey is to reach out to an accredited contractor and discuss your requirements and the details of your property, considering the above factors.

To receive a quote for your asbestos survey or to talk to one of our specialists about your asbestos management requirements call 0191 419 3116 or click here to leave us a message.
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