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Asbestos Pre-Refurbishment Surveys

Our team of asbestos consultants are experts in asbestos surveys of all types, including pre-refurbishment surveys.

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Asbestos Pre-Refurbishment Surveys

A refurbishment asbestos survey is normally required as the information gained during a management survey is unlikely to be sufficient for such works.

What is an asbestos pre-refurbishment asbestos survey?

The surveys are normally required prior to commencing building refurbishment work. As refurbishments normally involve significant disturbance, or demolition of the building fabric, a greater level of intrusive inspection is required. In order to do this, some damage is inevitable during the survey process and careful planning is required to ensure that all affected areas are included and premises are vacated and safe to work in.

An essential part of this planning is an up to date scope of work to make sure that the areas involved and only those involved are subject to intrusive inspection. Where occupants need to return before the refurbishment commences, thoughts should be given to ‘making good’ any damage caused.

Depending on the findings, the use of an asbestos removal contractor may be required to facilitate an inspection behind existing asbestos containing materials (ACMs) as they may themselves hide further ACMs behind.

The objective therefore is to catalogue all asbestos within the affected area and quantify it, whether this is to form the basis of an asbestos removal programme, to amend the refurbishment specification, or a mixture of both. Franks Portlock consultants would be happy to assist you in this regard.

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