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We were instructed by our client Armstrong Environmental who had been employed by Auckland Castle to project manage the removal of all identified asbestos containing materials within the Queens Head & Postchaise hotels.

We project managed the site, arranging on-site facilities such as welfare facilities, waste skips and sectioning off the public areas to create a safe working environment. We were also responsible for helping compile the removal specification and selecting an appropriate, reputable, licensed contractor to carry out the work.

A wide range of material types were removed from the sites including nonÔÇôlicensed materials such as asbestos containing floor tiles, asbestos containing textured coating to both walls and ceiling surfaces and cement debris. We conducted continuous air monitoring which included personal air monitoring: this is attached to the removal contractor during works to monitor the asbestos airborne fibre concentration levels to ensure the control methods being used were sufficient for the works being carried out. We also ran background air monitoring to monitor the concentration levels outside the working environment to ensure the safety of other people, and reassurance air monitoring within the work area post completion of works to ensure safe reoccupation.

A number of licensed materials containing asbestos were also removed during the project, ranging from fire doors containing asbestos insulation board panels, board walls, board beam cladding and an area which was contaminated with asbestos insulation board debris. The HSE had to be notified about these areas due to the materials being classed as licensed materials, meaning anyone required to remove or work with these materials needed to hold a current up-to-date asbestos removal license. The notification period lasts 14 days so no works can be done within this period. All areas requiring notification to the HSE were notified 3 weeks prior to the project commencing.

The project ran to timescale and was completed 3 days earlier than expected, starting Monday 3 October 2016 and finishing on Friday 28 October 2016.

Following this project, we are proud to now work with Armstrong Environmental on an ongoing basis.

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