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Residential properties may still contain traces of asbestos – it’s important you contact us if you are considering any refurbishment work on your home.


Despite all types of asbestos being banned in 1999, some residential buildings may still contain lower risk materials such as textured coatings or vinyl floor tiles; or high risk materials such as asbestos cement and even insulating board in older properties. It is therefore important that you contact us if you are considering carrying out any refurbishment work on your home which may disturb any asbestos risk materials. We also work with architects at the planning stage to help things go smoothly and safely once work is underway. Franks Portlock will support you throughout the full process and provide a personal and flexible service to ensure we are carrying out work at a convenient time for you.

We help organisations across a range of sectors, from the marine and nuclear industries to healthcare, residential and retail – both on a regional and national level. And we work with organisations of many sizes, from those operating smaller buildings and facilities to those with multiple sites across the UK. Read our case studies below to find out more or click on the services above for further information on our full range of asbestos services.

Read our Housing Case Studies

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