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Our asbestos consultants can help you with the air testing requirements you might have for any project, including asbestos reassurance air testing.

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Reassurance air testing can be undertaken for a number of reasons but as the name implies, it is normally employed to evidence that areas are safe to occupy after planned works, where this is expected to be the case.

  • After planned non-licensed or notifiable non-licensed asbestos works to prove that any residual fibres are below clearance indicator levels as they should be.
  • Following the completion of the fourth stage of a four-stage asbestos clearance process, once the removal enclosure has been dismantled.

These air tests tend to be strategically placed to represent a worst-case scenario and reflect the potential exposure to those using your premises. Normally, results are reported to the clearance indicator level of <0.01 f/cm3 air, the limit of quantification for the test using PCM (Phase Contrast Microscopy), however lower limits of detection are available and we can arrange Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) analysis when needed. SEM is also recommended where high levels of other contaminants, primarily dust or fumes, render analysis difficult.

Franks Portlock can carry out reassurance testing on your behalf to enable your peace of mind following any asbestos works.

If you’d like to discuss any of our air testing services, including reassurance air testing, please contact us or call 0191 419 3116 to speak to one of our experts.