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Our team of asbestos consultants are experts in asbestos surveys of all types, including re-inspection surveys.

re-inspection survey

Asbestos re-inspection surveys are a critical part of an effective asbestos management plan, as laid out in Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012

Asbestos-containing materials located as part of a management survey are subject to a priority risk assessment which combines their physical properties (known as a material assessment) and their potential to harm building occupants.

It is important therefore that the material assessment is kept up to date through regularly inspecting known ACMs to ensure their condition hasn’t deteriorated to the extent they now pose a risk. 

Typically, these reinspections are carried out annually, but a shorter interval may be appropriate for higher-risk materials in frequently accessed areas.

We can work with your own asbestos management database, or provide a data transfer/population service of existing survey information as required.

Please get in touch and one of our specialists would be happy to discuss your requirements.