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Fife Council

We have been working with Fife Council since 2010 from our regional office in Rosyth. We now have a four year contract, primarily to carry out asbestos surveys in properties across the region and across Fife Council’s portfolio of properties.

The scope of our work for asbestos surveying is clearly defined and in-line with our regular procedures. However, reporting must be done to Fife Council’s own specification. Our flexible approach means we have created a system specifically for its own requirements. This has been done by integrating the council’s template into our TEAMS (The Electronic Asbestos Management System) database.

TEAMS is a system that allows a highly traceable and auditable asbestos management system to record incoming enquiries, process site data and generate reports. Using tablet PCs, we can collect data at the site and send it back wirelessly to our head office in Washington. The system is highly accurate, flexible and uniform in collecting data. This means we can issue urgent work to surveyors already in the field and significantly improve efficiency, since it removes an administrative requirement to type up handwritten site notes.

Clearance certification is carried out on a large range of material including thermal insulation. Reassurance air testing is also conducted in response to both emergencies and the removal of non-licensed asbestos materials where the client requires it.

Our Rosyth regional office also contains a laboratory allowing us to do lab analysis of materials thought to contain asbestos.

We are pleased to be continuing our contract with Fife Council.

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