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Franks Portlock was commissioned by prestigious paint brush and decorating tools manufacturer Harris Brushes, to conduct an asbestos management survey at its premises in Worcerstershire.

We conducted a management survey at Harris Brushes to find any asbestos within premises that could be accessible through normal building occupancy, for example via basic maintenance and installation work. The building dates back to the mid-1900s and has been extensively refurbished and extended over the years. Despite all types of asbestos being banned in 1999, some buildings may still contain lower risk materials such as textured coatings or vinyl floor tiles; or high risk materials such as asbestos cement and even insulating board.

A pre-survey meeting was setup in order to provide the most accurate price possible and also to highlight access issues that might ultimately hold up the survey once underway.

The survey was completed smoothly and successfully over a period of 4 days, with follow-up awareness training based on our findings to ensure that the organisation remains fully compliant.

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