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Hexham and Newcastle RC Diocese (Voluntary Aided Schools)

Franks Portlock has been providing asbestos inspection and testing services to the Hexham and Newcastle Roman Catholic Diocese for their Voluntary Aided Schools across the North East of England since 2011, working within 50 schools to date.

Working with Diocese consultants, we offer a comprehensive range of asbestos services, being an integral part of project planning and proposed refurbishments by conducting asbestos refurbishment and demolition surveys. In addition, Franks Portlock carries out a number of management surveys for school premises where we feel a complete resurvey would be beneficial.

Due to the nature of school buildings and their occupants, it is essential that our work is carried out thoroughly, discreetly and flexibly so projects can progress safely to ensure protection from the risks of damaged asbestos.

We are proud of our continued work with the Diocese to ensure that Voluntary Aided Schools across the region are free from the risk of airborne asbestos wherever we are involved.

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