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Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Franks Portlock won the tender in 2014 for Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for the provision of asbestos services to a 500 bedded hospital built in the 1970s. We provided full asbestos consultancy surveys to all of the buildings and blocks on the Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust site.

We then uploaded all the data gathered from the surveys onto the trust’s Micad Internet Property Register database.

We provide on-going management of this database following the completion of:

  • Periodic reinspection asbestos surveys
  • Asbestos surveys
  • Action plans
  • Asbestos removal
  • Remedial works

We also provide telephone advice to staff of Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, their nominated representatives and maintenance service providers to allow them to gather information needed to permit safe site working.

In addition, we provide Micad Internet Property Register user training for the ‘Asbestos Module’ on the database.

To date, we have provided 31 full asbestos surveys to the Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust site.

We are also currently working alongside estate staff on the development of the former trust’s asbestos management policy and management plan.

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