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NHS Property Services (South of Tyne)

We were commissioned in 2012 to provide asbestos management services to NHS South of Tyne.  Working under a third party contractor, we were required to interrogate existing data looking for missing survey information. This meant looking at areas where ‘no access’ or ‘limited access’ was found, and where we felt information needed clarification – for example, where room refurbishment had occurred. We applied any information found further to original asbestos management survey data from refurbishment surveys or removal works.

The alternative to this would have required NHS South of Tyne to resurvey its whole property portfolio, which would not have been cost effective. Since our surveys covered missing or incomplete data, only three full resurveys were required from three regions covering 17 properties.

As a result of this work, we were also commissioned to carry out air testing and survey work with NHS South of Tyne.

Since carrying out the initial work, we have become the preferred contract for NHS South of Tyne. We have also been asked to provide:

  • Micad Internet Property Register training for the ‘Asbestos Module’ of the database.
  • Asbestos awareness training.
  • Development of the trust’s asbestos management policy and management plan.

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