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Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Barnsley NHS Hospital Foundation Trust in South Yorkshire runs a 500-bed hospital, which was built in the 1970s.

In 2014, following a successful tender, Franks Portlock was awarded a contract for the provision of asbestos services. The award decision was based on our ability to demonstrate effective delivery of asbestos services for other NHS clients including Belfast, Derbyshire and South of Tyne.

We provided full asbestos consultancy surveys to all the buildings and blocks on the Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust site and to date we have provided 31 full asbestos management surveys.

Following the surveys, all data was successfully gathered and entered onto the Barnsley NHS Hospital Foundation Trust’s Internet Property Register Database Micad.

Utilising Micad, re-inspection data is successfully collected using a bespoke asbestos app installed on a tablet device which enables, more than 3,400 positive or presumed items to date, to be seamlessly transferred to and from Micad’s asbestos management module. The surveyor is able to efficiently inspect each item and update the asbestos module with the correct information. Findings are instantly transferred back to the surveyor’s system, allowing both the client and their contractors to access live records almost immediately following re-inspection.

Ongoing management of the database system was subsequently provided following completion of this, including periodic re-surveys, asbestos removal, remedial works and ownership of action plans.

We also provided telephone advice to staff of Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, its nominated representatives and maintenance service providers to allow them to gather information needed to permit safe site working.

In addition, we provided Micad Internet Property Register user training for the ‘Asbestos Module’ on the database. We also utilised our extensive in-house expertise to support the development of Barnsley NHS Hospital Foundation Trust’s asbestos management policy and management plan and effective co-ordination with estate staff.

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