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Asbestos data management

At Franks Portlock, we are committed to ensuring that our clients are fully supported throughout the entire asbestos management process. As part of this commitment, our team works alongside organisations to ensure their asbestos records are accurate and comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations.

We’re currently working on major two projects, including the entire portfolio for Belfast Health and Social Care Trust to oversee and reconcile existing asbestos management information and update it to a live system – Micad in both cases.

The importance of this work can greatly improve the quality of data for clients, where it has been acknowledged in previous similar projects, just how easy it is for once-relevant and valid information to become outdated where management staff move on and premises are progressively refurbished.

However, by reviewing the information available, we can target only those areas where either data is missing or needs verifying, greatly reducing the survey expenditure.