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Franks Portlock was commissioned by complex demolition specialists, ABLE UK, to survey four US vessels – USS Canisteo, USS Calossahatchee, USS Canopus and USS Compass Island – for asbestos over a period of five months.

Franks Portlock conducted the surveys at the Teesside Environmental Reclamation & Recycling Centre (TERRC) in Hartlepool.

Franks Portlock completed the asbestos surveying as described in the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and our work was instrumental in the decommissioning of the four US naval vessels.

As the work progressed, we were asked by ABLE UK to carry out asbestos air testing and clearance certification during the asbestos removal and decommissioning programme.

Our work on the asbestos surveying of these naval vessels led to Franks Portlock being commissioned by ABLE UK to complete air testing and clearance certification on the French aircraft carrier, the Clemenceau. This was one of the biggest asbestos removal projects of the time in Europe and our work with ABLE UK has been highly significant.

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