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In 2019, we were hired to support Able UK as it decommissioned the Brent Bravo Platform at the Able Seaton Port, Hartlepool following its removal from the North Sea.

The Brent Bravo, which stands 410ft tall and 230ft wide, is the second platform from the Shell Brent field to be decommissioned at Able Seaton Port—the first, the Brent Delta, arrived in May 2017.

The Brent Delta and Bravo were among the first oil rigs ever commissioned in the early days of the UK’s oil and gas industry.

Prior to the Brent Bravo being decommissioned, we carried out a fully intrusive demolition survey which required accessing all areas within the rig while following Able UK’s HSE policy and health and safety procedures. During our survey programme, our teams continually liaised with Able UK’s staff both on and off the rig to align our schedule with their decommissioning programme.

We worked to a strict schedule during this project with a 14-day timescale to complete the asbestos survey and a further 7 days to issue the survey reports to the client. We were able to successfully complete the survey in only 11 days and deliver the reports ahead of schedule. Following this, we worked with Able UK on Phase 2: undertaking air monitoring and four stage clearances during the removal of asbestos products found during the survey. The results of which are recorded on Franks Portlock’s system and held for 40 years.

We are delighted to have been able to support Able UK on the dismantling and recycling of this iconic platform and look forward to working with them again in the future.

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