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brent delta

Franks Portlock successfully tendered for work against three other firms to support Able UK as it set out to dismantle and recycle the iconic 130m high Brent Delta Platform – a project that involved the world’s heaviest offshore lift, by the world’s largest vessel.

The contract was awarded based on our reputation of high quality work and proven experience working for Able UK since 2007 on projects including various oil rigs, marine vessels and aircraft carriers.

We carried out a fully intrusive demolition survey on the Brent Delta Platform prior to it being dismantled. We accessed all areas within the rig while following Able UK’s HSE policy and health and safety procedures, and liaising with Able’s staff on and off rig to prioritise work. Working at heights and confined spaces were taken into consideration before and during the survey with appropriate risk assessments put in place to mitigate any potential hazards.

Over a six-week period, our Surveying Teams worked across the platform which weighs 24,400 tonnes and from ground level to its highest point, is equivalent in height to the London Eye.

On completion of the demolition survey, reassurance air testing was completed on the relevant areas to confirm to the client that the area was safe to access. Personal monitoring was also carried out during the survey, the results of which are recorded on Franks Portlock’s system and held for 40 years.

The initial surveying and testing were completed within the six-week deadline and we were on site during the removal process to undertake reassurance air monitoring and personal air testing. This included overseeing the set-up of numerous enclosures, personal and leak testing during asbestos removal works and 4-stage clearances on completion of the removal works.

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